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About Us

The Ray Hollingsworth Dance and Arts Studio is proud to have provided Martinsville and Henry County and the surrounding area with the highest quality dance education for over 59 years, as well as producing many outstanding professional performing dancers and dance education teachers. The studio was established by the late Ray Hollingsworth and was owned and operated by Ray and Cindy Hollingsworth; both highly regarded for their dance educational programs not only locally but throughout the United States.

Through our dance program students of all ages gain a solid understanding of proper technique which will foster their physical awareness and poise. Our professionally trained and caring instructors strive to bring the best in dance education to each dance student enrolled in the program. Our instructors have had extensive training and are also well versed in children's education and working with young students. They have professional dance backgrounds, dance degrees, or have studied with many artists across the country learning and developing skills in early childhood movement to advanced dance and performance techniques.

The studio is proud to have had many of their students go on to professional careers in the dance world. Though each student enrolled will probably not wish to continue on as a professional dancer, it is the intent of the staff that those foundations that the student received will make it possible to do so if the child desires to pursue such a career. This is not to say that the curriculum is postured in such a manner as to rule out the fun and excitement that studying dance in a recreational from provides. No matter the intent of the parent and the child for entering the dance arts, one thing will be constant, and that is the training will provide each student with good coordination skills, better body posturing, help in developing motivational skills to reach goals, achieve a better sense of rhythm, timing and musical phrasing, all the while nurturing a sense of self discipline within the class.


RHDAS was my second home for 15 years. I spent every moment I could there, and every moment outside of there still dancing (my room, the kitchen, hallways at school...). To this day I still do drawbacks waiting in lines (thanks to Ray)! RHDAS holds a special place in my heart. I have nothing but fond memories of the time I spent there.
-Ally Hodge, Class of 2005